Steps to Take When Filing a Claim



1. Notify your agent immediately.


2. Review your policy with your agent to determine coverage.


3. Gather the information, forms, documents, and any other necessary information you will need to process your claim.


4. Protect your property from further damage by making necessary temporary repairs. Make sure you save the receipts to submit to the insurance company for reimbursement. Don’t make permanent repairs until the insurance company has reviewed the damage.


5. Do not stay in your home if it may cause you harm or damage. If you are unable to live in your home, stay in a hotel, and provide your contact information to the insurance company.


6. Create an inventory of your contents and possessions that were damaged. If you can, provide receipts, especially for expensive items that were damaged.


7. If damages were caused by theft or burglary, notify the policy immediately.


Remember, when attempting to collect on damaged possessions, the burden of proof falls on you. An inventory of items, along with either receipts or photos, is the best way to prove your claim is valid. Avoid any delays in processing the claim by promptly filling out any forms that are asked of you by the insurance company.


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