Top 4 Life Insurance Mistakes



After reading nearly all of the 1,460,000 results on Google for ‘top life insurance mistakes’, ok not all, but I certainly read a few, I have found the most common are:


1. Not having any insurance at all. The only time insurance is a
bad idea is when making a bet in Vegas. Other than that, you need it.


2. Being under insured. Remember to account for income you will need to survive, and not just the money needed to pay off outstanding debts, like a home loan. Just because you can’t work, doesn’t mean you can’t spend!


3. Buying a policy you can afford. When considering how much insurance you will “need” always factor in what you can afford. A policy that has lapsed payments is no good to anyone.


4. Updating your policies. As your life changes, so may your insurance needs. Major life events like purchasing a home, marriage, divorce, or the birth of a child, usually mean it is time to review your coverage.


Of course there are more “top” mistakes when it comes to life insurance, but in my humble opinion these represent the most common.


Here is the link to the 1.4 million Google results for ‘top life insurance mistakes’  if you would like to do further research.


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