What are the Qualifications Needed to get the Lowest Priced Life Insurance Policy?



A common question people have when shopping for life insurance is about the qualifications for a preferred rating from their life insurance provider.  Here is a list of requirements from a well known insurance company to qualify for the best priced term life insurance product.  Although all the insurance companies are slightly different from one another, they all will follow these guidelines for the most part.


  • Nicotine or Tobacco Use: No nicotine for last 5 years
  • Blood Pressure: No Blood pressure treatment in past and present. The current and average readings in past two years not greater than 135/85 up to age 60 and 145/90 age 61 and over
  • Cholesterol: Level cannot exceed 220.
  • CHL/HDL Ratio: Maximum 5.0 with no treatment and with treatment greater than one year, maximum 4.5
  • Family History: No cardiovascular diseaseor cancer in either parent or sibling before age 60
  • Driving Records: No DUI or reckless driving in last 7 years. No more than one moving violation or license suspension in last three years
  • Substance or Alcohol Abuse: No history of substance or alcohol abuse or treatment
  • Personal History: No personal history of cancer, cardiovascular dieses, diabetes or mellitus
  • Residence: US resident for last 2 years and US citizen or permanent Visa or Green card. No intention to travel risky countries
  • Occupation /Avocation: No hazardous occupation/avocations; Private pilot ok with exclusion. Active military not accepted. Scuba diving less than 30 feet


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