Does Globe Life Really Only Charge $1 a Month for Term Life Insurance?



Does Globe Life only charge $1 for term life insurance?


$1 for $50,000 of term life insurance!  This sounds to good to be true.  Exactly.  I recently received a pre-approval from Globe Life for a $50,000 term life policy for what they said in the letter would be $1 per month.  As an insurance professional I knew right away that there was no way Globe Life could offer insurance for $1 per month, but as a consumer I was curious.  So, I did as they asked and sent in my information and waited for them to send me the contract.  The bait was set, all that was left was the switch.  About a week later the information from Globe Life came in the mail, and as I suspected, the $1 is only for the first month.  What Globe Life fails to tell you is that the cost of their policy is, at least in my own personal case, is about three times as expensive as anyone else.


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