Is it Better to Use an Independent Insurance Agent?



What are the benefits of using an independent insurance agent versus using a captive agent?


When shopping for insurance, most people are unaware that there are different kinds of agents they can work with. Choosing the right one can make a big difference in securing the best combination of price and value.


With a captive insurance agent, you only get the guidance of one company that sells one brand of insurance. An independent insurance agent will look at many insurance companies and match your unique insurance needs with the company that can offer you the most protection for the least amount of cost.


I understand that you are a third generation State Farm customer, and your dad went to high school with your agent, but are you sure State Farm is offering you the best deal?  Can your agent honestly be sure that you are getting the best deal when he or she can only see offers from one company?


If you really want to save money on insurance, whether it is life insurance or homeowners insurance, then you must include quotes from an independent agent when looking to renew your insurance policies.


Contact us to see if you can save money on your insurance by speaking to a professional independent insurance agent at Journey Insurance.


Let us sift through the hundreds of insurance programs to find you the most competitive rates available.  Let us do the paperwork while you spend your time doing something you actually enjoy!


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