How Do I Get The Lowest Price on Term Life Insurance?



Term Life Insurance is the cheapest life insurance available.


If you are in the market for the cheapest life insurance you can afford, then term life insurance is what you want.  Term life insurance is always going to be the most affordable option when compared to whole life insurance and universal life insurance.  Term life insurance isn’t always the best option for everyone, but it is always the cheapest.  When you are shopping for any type of insurance, follow these four steps to make sure you get the best insurance you qualify for, at the best price.


1.  Slow down.  Don’t rush into the first offer you receive from the first person who offers it to you.  You shouldn’t feel obligated to buy the insurance policy, simply because the agent did the work to get you the quote, or because the agent was referred to you.


2.  Educate yourself.  Utilize the Internet to familiarize yourself with the insurance product you are shopping for.  You don’t have to make yourself an expert, but at least have some knowledge about the product.


3.  Hire the right agent.  When I say that independent agents (someone that represents more than one insurance companies) are better than captive agents (an agent that represents only one company), obviously that is a biased opinion.  What isn’t biased is that an independent agent will run your desired insurance product by all the companies they do business with, which saves you time and hopefully will save you money.  A captive agent, such as a State Farm agent for instance, can only run your desired insurance product against the products State Farm offers.  How do you know that State Farm is the best priced policy for you?  You don’t.  Unless you speak to a few different agents.  I advise all my clients to get quotes from at least three different agents, and to work with the person they feel most comfortable with, and who is offering them a competitive quote on their insurance products.


4.  Stay involved.  The process of buying insurance is anything buy exciting, and no one enjoys buying a product that they will hopefully never use.  But you must stay involved.  Ask questions, take notes, and make sure you understand what you are buying.


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