Is your insurance too expensive? Find a better agent


If you are in the market for cheaper and more affordable insurance, the problem might be with the agent you are using.  Insurance companies spend millions of dollars in marketing research to try and figure out how to get the average consumer to believe that they have the cheapest insurance rates, and then millions more go into the commercials to get you to call.

Do you really think Progressive Insurance can afford to run as many commercials as they do, and offer the lowest rates on your auto insurance?  And what about Farmers Insurance agreeing to sponsor the new football stadium in downtown Los Angeles; how much do you think that is going to cost them?  How can they afford such advertising expense?  By over charging their clients.

If you really want to be sure you are getting the lowest, cheapest, and most affordable insurance policy, contact an independent insurance agent that has access to many different insurance companies, and will take the time to match you with the right company, at the right price.


Protect the loved ones in your life by learning more about insurance.  Request a quote from a professional independent insurance agent like Journey Insurance Agency, and let us sift through the hundreds of insurance programs to find you the most competitive rates available.  Let us do the paperwork and you can focus your precious time on something you enjoy.

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