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Most people are completely unaware that the easiest way to save money on their insurance may be by shopping the type of agent they are using.  Choosing the right type of agent can make a help secure the best combination of price and protection.


There are two types of insurance agents; captive and independent.  A captive agent works for one company and only has access to that company’s insurance products and pricing.  Sounds pretty limited, right?  An independent agent represents many companies, and has access to hundreds of insurance products, every one of them at a different price.


If every insurance company offered the same price for insurance, then working with a captive agent would be fine.  Unfortunately for the captive agent, that simply isn’t the case.  At Journey Insurance Agency we have access to over 100 different insurance companies and each one of them has a preference on the type of client they prefer, and the type of policy they want to write.  Here is a list of 50 life insurance companies we do business with.  You are more than welcome to spend hours upon hours contacting and applying with each one of them to insure you are getting the lowest priced life insurance policy, or if you prefer, we can do it for you at no additional cost to you.  Remember, the cost of your insurance policy is the same cost to you regardless if you go through an independent insurance agent like Journey Insurance Agency, or direct to the carrier.


Company Phone Website
AAA (800) 684-4222
AIG (877) 638-4244
Alliance Pacific Insurance (866) 363-3290
Allianz (800) 950-5872
American National (417) 887-0220
American United (317) 285-2364
American-Amicable Life (800) 736-7311
Americo Financial Life (800) 231-0801
Aviva (515) 362-3600
Banner Life (800) 638-8428
Cincinnati Life (513) 870-2000
Columbus Life (800) 677-9595
Genworth (888) 436-9678
Government Personnel Mutual Life (800) 929-4765
Guardian Life (212) 598-8000
Hartford (800) 243-5433
Household Life (866) 925-4722
ING (877) 886-5050
Jackson National (517) 381-5500
Lincoln Benefit (402) 328-5114
Mass Mutual (800) 272-2216
Metlife (800) 638-5000
Midland National Life (800) 923-3223
Minnesota Life (651) 665-3500
MTL Insurance Company (800) 323-7320
Mutual of Omaha (800) 931-8908
National Life Insurance Company (800) 732-8939
Nationwide (877) 669-6877
New York Life (800) 710-7945
Northwestern Mutual (800) 388-8123
Ohio National (513) 794-6100
Pacific Life (800) 347-7787
Pan-American Life (877) 939-4550
Penn Mutual (800) 523-0650
Principal National (800) 986-3343
Protective Life (800) 866-9933
Prudential (800) 778-2255
Sagicor Life (800) 724-4267
Sagicor Personal Life (888) 724-4267
Savings Bank (888) 438-7254
Security Mutual (800) 346-7171
Stonebridge Life (800) 362-6900
Sunset Life (800) 678-3668
Symetra Life (800) 796-3872
TIAA (800) 842-2252
Transamerica (800) 852-4678
Union Central Life (800) 319-6901
West Coast Life (877) 778-3500
Western Reserve Life (800) 851-9777
Western-Southern Life (866) 832-7719


Contact us to see if you can save money on your insurance by speaking to a professional independent insurance agent at Journey Insurance.


Let us sift through the hundreds of insurance programs to find you the most competitive rates available.  Let us do the paperwork while you spend your time doing something you actually enjoy!


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