What is an A1C test?


The A1C tests the amount of sugar in your blood over a period of 120 days.  The higher the number, the more sugar found in your blood stream.  The definition of “normal” depends on if you are talking to your doctor or an insurance underwriter.   A doctor will tell you that for a non-diabetic person a result of 7.0 or less is perfectly fine, and send you on your way to eat all the sugar your heart desires!  Unfortunately, your medical doctor isn’t willing to insure your life for $1,000,000 for $65 a month.  A life insurance company will define “normal” as a 6.0 result or less on the A1C test for a non-diabetic, and anything higher will increase the premium for your life insurance policy.  Because a high A1C test result for a non-diabetic could be an indicator of diabetes, and because the life insurance company can’t raise your premium during the policy term, they are going to be more conservative in their definitions of normal than your doctor.

Diet and exercise will help keep you blood sugar levels low, as well as some vitamins.  If you are planning on applying for insurance that requires a medical exam, like life or health insurance, limit the amount of carbohydrates you eat for at least 30 days prior to the exam.

Remember, this doesn’t mean you can’t get life insurance, or get coverage at a competitive price.  Work with a professional independent insurance agent to ensure you are getting the right combination or price and protection.

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