Have You Taken Inventory Of Your Personal Belongings?



If you have a homeowners insurance policy then you are covered for a specified amount of personal property coverage however most people have not actually taken inventory of their personal belongings. In the event of a claim, having completed your homes inventory of personal belongings can be more helpful than you can imagine. The inventory should include a record of your household furnishings and belongings, when you purchased them and their original cost. With an investment of just a few hours, you can survey your belongings and be prepared in the event of a loss. A good way to take inventory is to first list all of your major belongings and furnishings, room by room. Record a brief description, any serial numbers, purchase prices and dates and current value. Attach receipts and appraisals. Second, back up your inventory with photos. Video recording your home and possessions while speaking into the camera’s microphone describing what you are taping is a good idea.


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