Homeowner’s Liability. It Goes Beyond Your Home.


One misconception about homeowners liability insurance coverage is that it only covers incidents in the home. In actuality, your Personal Liability coverage under a homeowners insurance policy is really not associated with any location, other than the limitations and exclusions on the policy. Here are some examples of what probably would be covered by Personal Liability.

»       Sports Incidents: For example, you are playing golf and you drive the ball that
hits someone in the head and disables them. If you are found liable, as long as  you were not doing it professionally, your policy will likely provide coverage.

»       After shopping at your local market, you accidentally drop a bottle of olive
oil in the parking lot, and it shatters and bleeds the oil onto the pavement.  Another shopper comes long, slips and seriously injures themselves on the  pavement. While the assumption is the injured party will take action against  the market, the typical practice of attorneys is to go after everyone  associated with the incident.

»       You are on vacation at a hotel, and you are so excited to leave the room to
enjoy a sightseeing tour that you forget to turn off the faucet. The running  water causes significant damage to the hotel structure. The hotel decides to go  after you for damages; your CPL will defend you and may pay out damages if you  are deemed liable.

»       Your kid lends his skateboard to a friend, and the friend, who may not be  experienced with the skateboard, gets seriously injured trying to make a  maneuver. Parents can be held liable for this injury and there is a very good  chance this will be covered by your personal liability coverage.

»       If your dog bites a stranger at the park, your personal liability will cover  you as the owner and responsible party for the dog, as long as the policy does  not exclude coverage for your dog breed. Some homeowners policies exclude  coverage for breeds deemed “dangerous,” such as pit bulls.

Additionally, the Personal Liability coverage will usually extend coverage for the following items, even if an incident happens away from the insured premise. Here are some examples:

»       Trailers that are not attached to a motor vehicle

»       Motorized golf carts are typically included in coverage

»       Watercraft that does not have a motor or is not more than a specified amount of

»       Sailboats below a certain length

»       A vacation residence; however, certain conditions may apply; you also may need
to schedule it

»       Non-motorized bikes

Here are examples where coverage does not exist and is excluded by nearly every homeowners insurance policy:

»       Your cars are clearly excluded and should be covered on an separate auto  policy.

»       Motorized recreational vehicles, most especially if they are off premise.

»       Any incident related to business. Almost all homeowners policies exclude
business incidents.

»       Intentional acts. Most policies have language against intentional acts.

Policies vary, so it is important to review your policy to see what may be covered and
what may not be covered. Additionally, some policies allow you to endorse a  coverage that may not be on the policy. Liability coverage is perhaps the most  important coverage you should have, simply because most of these cases involve  attorneys and if coverage exists, the insurance companies provide for your defense, as well as any settlement for up to the limits of your policy.


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